5 Corporate Data Storage Vendors to Watch in 2023

The evolution of information technologies and the expansion of the business scale have led to the need for complex automation of activities and the creation of corporate data storage. This article is about the best data storage vendors for modern business.

The functionality of the corporate data storage

A data warehouse is a data storage system that is optimized for storing structured data to run the high-speed SQL queries required for timely business intelligence. From high-speed transaction processing to predictive analytics, data warehouses have been around for decades and have become the de facto storage standard for business intelligence at the enterprise level.

There are the following benefits of corporate data warehouses:

  • Consolidation of structured data from many disparate sources
  • Fast analytical queries from relational databases
  • Dedicated storage solution to reduce query processing costs and speed up reporting

The logistics of collecting data from various business units to extract useful information can scale as the business grows. With data warehouses, companies can securely consolidate this information into a single database and data model, allowing analysts to run queries.

Modern cloud storage systems offer simplified file sharing and expand the personal working file space, including document editing, real-time backup, and workflow functions in the service. These services are low-cost, fast, easy to use, and do not require a large initial or long-term investment from the end user. In addition, the most time-consuming tasks, such as backing up and restoring large amounts of data, can be performed automatically or in the background.

The best corporate data storage vendors in 2023

Let’s see what are the best corporate data storages in the modern business environment:

  1. The Box

It is a great choice for a business user. The significant development of this service has marked the past year, and now it has approximately 25 million private customers and 225,000 corporate ones. The user interface of Box is well organized, has a nice design, and is intuitive. The service acts like a full-fledged browser application, including support for drag-and-drop file uploads, right-click menus and a menu at the top of the window.

  1. Securedocs virtual data room

It is a document collaboration service, and it does a great job. Everything here is smart and intuitive, including file locking, colored “flags” for the file with version numbers, metadata tags, access statistics, and task management during the workflow. You can find more information on this website

  1. Dropbox

The key tasks of this cloud storage are backing up, sharing, and syncing files and Dropbox does a good job with these. All clients work stably, and synchronization, as a rule, is fast. For ordinary users, a simple but functional web interface is implemented, with some unique features not available in other interfaces, such as browsing history, including creating, deleting, and updating a file.

  1. Google Drive

It is one of the services provided by the largest corporation Google. Users registering their account with a search engine are provided with many additional free features, such as mail, cloud, calendar, and maps. However, the main convenience is synchronization, and Google Drive is a service with a large amount of free space.

  1. Apple iCloud

The original purpose of iCloud has not lost its relevance today: it is a great backup system for iOS devices. The scheduled backup mechanism will help to return the device to the last correct state in a matter of minutes in case of loss or damage (with the risk of losing photos and videos).